Introducing DoExam

Assessment Based Learning

A Multi Language Product to Make, Take, Mark, Assess and Learn

Tailored for running large-scale exams



What it is and is Not

DoExam is assessment running platform which lets you create, build and take exam, and use the result to determine what a student needs to further focus on and learn. So it is a step towards student based learning.

DoExam is  your cloud-based exam maker. SaaS offering of DoExam allows all organizations at any size to be use the platform.

DoExam is capable of running exams on large scales of tens of thousands of participants.

Large Scales

Having the ability to run exams in scale of tens of thousands of participants make the product very unique

Exam Maker

Use your own questions to design  exams with DoExam. Take exams, mark, and show reports all automatically


Various types of reports allow organizers and students to compare themselves with other groups and peers.

Friends and Groups

There is no concept of classroom here. Teachers can create groups of students to reflect their level of  progress. Hierarchical structure of groups allows educational institutions to utilise groups to reflect their structure

Who is it for?



If you are publishing printed text books, you can complement your books by producing evaluations and tests of subjects and chapters within DoExam. If you are a digital book publisher we invite you to integrate DoExam into your textbooks and enhance quality of your books. DoExam supports both Left to Right and Right to Left languages. If you own and publish test banks, we invite you to work with us. Our secure commerce gateway, lets you monetize your services.


If you are offering Learning Management Systems to schools, colleges, and universities or even corporations, we can enhance your product by integrating DoExam. We support various integration methods with existing LMS systems. LTI and SSO capabilities will ease the integrations


Ministries of Education, School Boards, and educators in general are always our main partners. DoExam is a good assistant for teachers. They can compile questions and answers and add them to your Question Bank, take practice online exams from students. Most exams are marked automatically. Receive reports and monitor progress. Build groups from students and focus on educational needs of each group.


People who work in regulated fields are continually evaluated through special subject tests. Professional societies and associations can add their questions into DoExam question bank, and create tests and have them graded automatically. Professional people such as doctors, dentists, and nurses can use DoExam to practice exams and learn.


Exit tests, standard tests, university entrance exams, and any large scale exam can be better prepared for by DoExam. DoExam can handle large question banks, very large test taker population, and is very very fast. It is very secure. Candidates may use it to practice for the real one.


Parents of K12 students can get involved in their children’s education by observing their exam results and their progress. Most exams are marked automatically and parents and students will receive detailed report. You can then help your child focus on where he or she needs to improve. Our embedded social network tool is a very safe facility which allows students to study with their friends.

Brand it as your own

DoExam is SaaS product and each organization can be provisioned very quickly. In the same time it supports full white labelingand you can have your own domain and branding applied to your organization.

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