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Online Exam and Marking

Search or browse your question bank to select questions. Build multiple versions of an exam. Invite students to take the exam on their computer, tablet, or smart phone. Once finished, all are marked by DoExam and passed to the teacher with detailed reports of each student

Import from Excel

You can import questions from excel in one place. This makes it very easy to run exams with many questions. You can specify grouping and questions scores in your import excel file


you can import participants to exam or generate invitation links for them to join. You have flexibility to generate “join codes” for various groups in exam.

World-Class  Assessment

We googled “Exam Makers” and found plenty. So we took a different and novel approach!

DoExam is our continuous assessment tool which is designed with student-based learning principle in mind.

Teachers and educators can use it to continually assess their students, and focus on what they need to learn. They can form as many groups of their students as they wish in order to ensure proper work with different levels of students in their classroom.




Continuous Exams

A Continuous Exam is a type of exam which lets a teacher to create an exam, share a link of the exam with his or her students and see their result in real time.

Just imagine if you are doing it at the beginning of  one of your classes. You ask all students to take the exam and as they finish, you get to see their results and decide where to focus.

In another scenario you might want to send it as a practice test to your students to take anytime during the weekend.

Continuous Exams may also be embedded in other contents such as online textbooks.

Continuous Exams do not have any particular start or stop time and can be repeated.


DoExam is rich with all sorts of test reports. Teachers are able to review performance of each of their students, compare students in each subject, and view question based reports (QBR).

QBRs are very important as they show results of students in each question. It also shows whether examiner’s perception of level of difficulty of a question matches performance of students in that question. This can help teachers to plan and adapt their approach towards each subject.




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