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Let’s Start Social Learning

How to deal with students

DoExam provides Social Network capability which is one of its core features. It facilitates individualized and student paced learning. You will not find  the concept of class anywhere in DoExam. Everything is groups and people.

We have introduced a social concept called “Group”. A Group can correspond to a class in the real world. But at the same time, groups might be sub divisions of a class based on their abilities, level of progress, and interests. This is where teachers can easily design and manage many groups of students.




We have an autonomous, highly flexible built-in social network that is designed to be both secure and easy to use. It aims to improve flexibility while respecting privacy.


Import User

Teachers and org admins can easily import users with excel files into the system


Everyone can start a group and start adding his or her friends to the group. So a group could be completely initiated and managed by a student. Teachers will form groups in order to reflect their approach towards their students in a student based learning system

Group Hierarchy

Groups can contain sub groups (and sub sub groups…). This allows organization owners to have very flexible structure.  This also will reflect on reports and exam results are available on any level.

Join Links

Users can join groups and exams through join links generated by exam and group admins. This makes a seamless experience for users

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