Exam and Question Studio

A Multi Language platform to manage and create questions and exams


DoExam is designed for having a large pool of questions and answers. No matter what the number and sizes of questions and answers, or how complex their categorization, or how many exams are  taken at the same time and how many people are accessing, the question bank always performs correctly and retrieves data in a fraction of a second


The exam engine is highly secure and cannot be entered or accessed without prior authorization. Exams can be scheduled for specific times and no one can get access to exam parts unless the exam time has arrived


All technological and software measures have been taken to make the solution balzing fast.  In this regard Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are utilized to make the user experience as fast as possible

A Very Good Question …


Every good learning experience starts and ends with a question. So we started LRNiTO with questions and answers as its primary assets. LRNiTO gives you a large database for your questions and answers.

Our Question Bank reflects your curriculum plus more. You can tag questions based on topics and subjects to several level deep. Alternatively questions may be tagged based on a textbook, its chapters, sections, and subjects.


Left to Right and Right to Left

DoExam takes text, pictures, audio, and video. It can be fully localized. Apart from working with different languages, perhaps the most important aspect is that it accepts and works perfectly well in Left to Right and Right to Left. This is a highly important issue when it comes to showing formulas in a native style.  We can show super complicated LaTeX formulas in Right to Left languages content. We are currently collaborating with industry leading open source projects such as KaTex to contribute our knowledge & experience in working with formulas in different languages to their code base.


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